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  • How much time is needed to set up?
    Typically, we will arrive around an hour before first picture is taken. However, there may be special instances where we arrive a little earlier, like if there are multiple booths being set up.
  • What do our booths look like?
    While our website showcases the 3 main booths we use, we do have more booths. Our SelfieBooth's all use an iPad to take pictures. Our StudioBooth's might have different configurations, but all use a Canon DSLR camera ensuring a high-quality photo. Our 360 booths come in different sizes and can look different, but all use the newest iPhone/iPad as its camera source, providing a high quality slo-m o video.
  • How much space do I need to prepare for the photobooth?
    This generally depends on the type of setup we are doing. If a backdrop is not being used, all that is needed is a 5x5 space. If a backdrop is being used along with props, we ask for a 10x10 space. And if we are using our 360 booth, we ask for 12x12, although a 10x10 could work as well.
  • Can it be used outdoors?
    Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our booths being versatile and being able to be placed anywhere. If a power outlet is not accessible, we can use one of our portable power stations. We just ask that you let us know in advance.
  • Do I need Wi-Fi to use the photobooth?
    Our SelfieBooth's have cellular built in, so Wi-Fi is not needed. However, if signal is bad, it may be best to connect to Wi-Fi so guests can share their photos. The StudioBooth's do need Wi-Fi to be able to share the photos digitally. If Wi-Fi is not available, the photos will be shared and uploaded when we are able to connect it.
  • What type of backdrops do you have?
    We have many options for backdrops. All of our backdrops are Premium Pillowdrop fabric backdrops.
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